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Police Pension Care Scheme 2015

Prepared by the PFEW Research and Policy Support Team, 27th March 2015

This document is designed to answer Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about the Career-Average Revalued Earnings Police Pension Scheme 2015 ("CARE 2015 Scheme"). The Government set out the intention and overarching framework for this scheme in the Reform Design Framework of September 2012. PLEASE CLICK HERE TO READ MORE.

CARE Scheme FAQs 2017

The Pensions Challenge: The PFEW position

Police Pension Scheme 2015 - the legal position

Police Pension Care Scheme 2015 - Members Guidance

Pension Scheme

Purchase of added pension Calculator

Pension Scheme : Transferred in Service & Transitional Arrangements

This effects those officers who have pensions with previous employers and would be interested in transferring their previous pensions into their police pension.

This may bring members into the situation where they start to have some protection, improve their protection or in some cases gain full protection.

Details of how to initiate the process is included in the letter.

Police Pension Care Scheme 2015 - Members Guidance


Pension Scheme : Transferred in Service & Transitional Arrangements


JBB Circular 2015 Police Pensions


HO Guidance on Police Pension Reform


Home Office Pension Update November 2013


Engagement of Retired Officers - Protected Pension Age


Article on the Debate and Written Transcript

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Police Pensions Scheme - Is It Worth It?

Pension Update March 2013

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The 1987 and 2006 Pension Schemes

These pension schemes are final salary schemes. This means that the pension payable to a retiring officer is calculated not by the financial value of his/her contributions, but by reference to the period of pensionable service and the final pensionable pay.

Police Pensions is a very complex area. The regulations governing there are reproduced on these pages for your information. For discussion and advice about how they relate to your particular set of circumstances, please contact the Federation office.


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